Ulos – Ut – Out! – The conference’s opinion: All children have the right to a relationship with nature

Published 7.6.2017

The health and well-being effects of Finnish nature for children and young people are undeniable. Nature is a dynamic learning environment that supports personal development, social interaction and participation, in contrast to a sedentary lifestyle. Versatile activities in nature also strengthen the immune system and promote mental health.

Our diverse nature is a source of numerous well-being effects that the Ulos-Ut-Out! international conference organisers encourage others to take advantage of from early childhood to adulthood. A good relationship with nature in childhood gives solid ground for a sustainable lifestyle.

The long-term wellbeing effects of Finnish nature can be utilised by moving teaching in pre-school and schools and youth work outdoors. Education, youth work and social work professionals however, need support and training in outdoor learning.

Ulos – Ut – Out! organisers emphasise that teacher training for all educators must include methods of outdoor learning. Those who are already in the profession need continuing professional development. Organisations that promote outdoor learning organise numerous training events, school visits and events and publish outdoor learning materials. In addition, the state administration must ensure that a national plan for education and training in sustainable development is drawn up.

The methods presented in Turku and Sauvo at Ulos – Ut – Out! in June 2017 should be available throughout Finland. The Out – Ut – Out! organisers would like to challenge all of Finland’s municipalities to promote outdoor learning and to support educators in this important work.

How can the diverse benefits of Finnish nature be utilised? Share your ideas on social media! #ulos2017

The international outdoor learning conference Ulos – Ut – Out! was organised in Turku 5.–6. June 2017. It was arranged collaboratively by FEE Suomi, Suomen luonto- ja ympäristökoulujen liitto ry, Suomen ympäristöopisto Sykli Oy, Suomen nuorisokeskusyhdistys ja Valtakunnallinen seikkailukasvatusverkosto, Suomen Metsäyhdistys, Finlands Svenska Idrott rf, WWF Suomi and Valonia.

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