Call for program is open until september 30th

ULOS-UT-OUT events program is built in co-operation. If you have some propositions for program, please fill in this form.

The main theme of the event UUO2023:
Building bridges – together for our future.

We are looking for


  • Workshops (on site) The workshops are practical and are mainly held outdoors. The length of the workshop is either 1.5 hours (short workshops) or 3 hours (long workshops). In exceptional cases, the workshop can also be longer than 3 hours. The workshop can be arranged once or twice during the event (depending on the organizer’s wishes and the participants’ interest). Workshops can also include preparation.
  • Virtual workshops are specially designed for online participants. They are interactive and / or functional and can be reached remotely (video or audio) or using the workshop’s own discussion forum (event platform). The workshop takes place during a certain time, or it can be an independent workshop, then the participant can participate regardless of time. The duration of the virtual workshop is 1.5 hours or 3 hours. The duration of self-employment may differ from this. Workshops can also include preparatory work.
  • If you want, you can in addition plan an virtual implementation of your workshop that will be presented in the autumn of 2023 at the “ULOS on IN” -event. The workshops for the “ULOS on IN” -event must operate independently (ie without guidance).

Round tables

  • The round tables (duration 1,5h) will be organized virtually or on-site or in a hybrid implementation (the author of the program is responsible for the arrangements themselves).

Virtual lectures

  • The duration of the speeches is about 15 minutes. You can tell us about your own research, the method developed, the successful experiment, the ongoing project, the upcoming campaign, etc. We recommend that you record your speech as a video or audio recording in advance. For example, you can give a video lecture or a podcast interview. Pay special attention to sound quality: We recommend using a headset microphone instead of a telephone or computer microphone. Recorded speeches can be viewed regardless of time and place on the event platform. You can also include an audience activation task or accompanying material. If you wish, you can communicate with your listeners as well as other speakers in the Discussion Area of ​​the event application.

Network meeting

A network meeting gathers your network around an evening campfire or evening program. The gathering can be on site or virtually as you wish. ULOS-UT-OUT is a good place to meet to train, network or just meet others for a long time.

Note: Call for program is open until September 30th. The program will be publihed in November. The participation fee for program creators is about 100 € (does not include accommodation and meals).

Call for program: Fill in this form until september 30th.