In the shade of the forest 

Distance: 0 km
Booking: use the event registration form

Prices/person/2 nights (Incl. sauna and shower)
-In your own tent or hammock (with tarp) – 0€
-Metsähotelli by Suomen Latu: Borrow hammock (inkl. mosquito net and tarp) or sleep in the half-platoon tent – 0€
Important: You need your own sleeping bag AND sleeping pad!

Hyvärilä youth and holiday center

Distance: 0 km
Booking: call: +358 40 104 5960 or email:

Prices / person / 2 nights
-Bed in Dorm 25€
-Camping cottages 26€

Bring your own towel and padlocks!
Towels and padlocks are available for rent (6€ / person)

Break Sokos Hotel Bomba

Distance: by walking, 2 km
Booking: or email: or call: +358 10 783 0250
Use code: BULOSUTOUT21

1 bedroom/night for
1 person Economy, Karelian village 88€
2 persons Economy, Karelian village 98€
1 person Standard, Spa hotel 114€
2 persons Standard, Spa hotel 124€

Refundable before arriving day 18 a’clock. Incl. hotel breakfast, free wifi

Other options